The Found Brewers Footage Festival: Celebrities, Erotic Music and Bob Uecker in Tight Pants

Dec. 19, 2016
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“Hot Chick” Rob Schneider and former Brewers pitching coach Don Rowe.

Most Brewers fans are familiar with clips of Robin Yount’s 3,000th hit and the pennant-winning celebration in 1982, and certainly more recent memorable moments, like Ryan Braun’s homer against the Cubs in 2008 and Nyjer Morgan’s series winning single in 2011 are burned into the memories of huge swaths of the fanbase. But by plunging the depths of YouTube, all kinds of great or just plain weird Brewers video snips can be found. So, here it is… the first-ever Brew Crew Confidential Found Footage Festival. 

“The Benchwarmer”

Here were have Saturday Night Live cast member Rob Schneider who, for some goddamn reason, is throwing out the first ball at County Stadium in 1991. I’ve done a little research on this and can’t find any reason WHY this happened. Anyway, its nice to see that Schneider seems to be a genuine fan (listen to him gush about B. J. Surhoff) and it’s fun to see Ted Higuera completely ignore Schneider as he tries to say hello. And if you thought Schneider’s “Richmeister” character from SNL wasn’t funny, it reaches entire new depths of awfulness when Paul Molitor and Robin Yount give it a try. Anyway, he gets the ball to the plate… “a no-bouncer,” in his own words.

“Ueck Nails Ralph Malph”

Ron Howard, Rob Reiner, Henry Winkler, and Donny Most… hardly the most fearsome lineup that every took the field at County Stadium. But this 1979 news report of a “Happy Days v. Media All-Stars” is certainly among the weirder Milwaukee relics on youtube. The game ended in a 2-2 tie, preserved by Bob Uecker applying a hard tag on Most (who held his cap in his hand as he ran) as he tried to complete an inside-the-park homer. 

“Gus the Wonder Dog”

I wrote an entire article on “Gus the Wonder Dog,” but was too dumb to look for any video of Milwaukee’s original baseball pup. So, belated as it is, here is short piece on the 1993 County Stadium seagull invasion and the good work of Gus to clear the outfield.

“Brewers Boogie Nights”

What do you get when you combine grainy Brewers highlights with early-era video editing effects and the soundtrack of a late-1970s hardcore porno film? A promo for Brewers baseball on WVTV 18, of course. More power, indeed.


In Milwaukee to promote a new line of comic books during a comicon at the MECCA in May 1993 (“People can’t touch Superman or Batman, but they can see and feel T. I’m tough and I’m tender,” he said of his new role as a superhero), “T” was invited by the Brewers to that evening’s game against the White Sox. During a visit to the Brewers broadcast booth, Pat Listach rifled a single to left field and Mr. T absolutely lost his mind as Bo Jackson gunned down Dave Nilsson at the plate. “WOW THAT BO JACKSON D’BIONIC HIP WIT T’ARGGGM!!!!!” 


Of course, Mr. T didn’t just sign comic books and become impressed (which he isn’t usually that much) by Bo Jackson during his 1993 trip to Milwaukee. He also cut his promo for Brewers baseball on Super 18. “They call me one-take T in Hollywood!” T insists. This ain’t Hollywood, kid.  


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