The Fatty Acids Share New Tracks From Their Upcoming Album "Dogs of Entertainment"

Jan. 10, 2017
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fatty acids
A new Fatty Acids album is always something to get excited about, since you never have a clear sense of what to expect from the band. Next month the Milwaukee band will release its fourth album, Dogs of Entertainment, their follow-up to 2013’s carnival-esque Boléro, and today they’ve shared a couple new tracks from it on their Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages: “Strangers,” a buoyant freak-pop track that couldn’t have been recorded by anybody else, and “In Your House,” a smoother, dreamier number that reflects the more soulful influences that have crept into the group’s live show lately. They’ve also tossed in a little lagniappe: a soothing, head-nodding remix of “In Your House” from New Age Narcissism producer Q The Sun.

You can stream the new cuts below. Dogs of Entertainment is out Feb. 21 on Gloss Records, with a cassette release on Forged Artifacts. They've got a couple of release shows lined up: an all-ages one at Anodyne Coffee’s Walker’s Point location on Friday, Feb. 24, and a 21+ one the next week at Linneman’s Riverwest Inn on Friday, March 3.


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