Eric Thames is Way into Metal

May. 12, 2017
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One of the reasons Brewers fans have taken so quickly to Eric Thames—aside, of course, from his historical April, his ridiculous production, his movie-caliber redemption story, incredible beard, genial personality and all that—is that he genuinely seems to enjoy our city. Where it's impossible to imagine some of his teammates anywhere outside of Miller Park, Thames has been visibly out and about, drinking our beer, cheering for the Bucks at a playoff game and, last night, taking in a show at The Rave. 

In a couple posts on his Instagram account, the slugging phenomenon shared live videos from last night's All That Remains/Devil Wears Prada show:

He also took time to meet at least one similarly minded fan:

Of course, the fact that Thames is into metal shouldn't be a total surprise, given that this is his at-bat song:

If there was any question about whether using a Dio cover for entrance music was supposed to be ironic, we can now safely say that the song choice, like seemingly everything else about Eric Thames, is completely sincere. How lucky are we to have this guy in our city?


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