Bicycle Built For Two

Hit some scenic trails via your two wheels this season

May. 31, 2017
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Now that warm weather is flirting with us a bit more frequently, and the call to be more physically active is more compelling, that just means one thing. Get your bike out of the garage, already! This is as much a note to myself as anyone else, mind you. It is time to dust off old trusty, put air in the tires, make sure your helmets and lights are in good working order, and get out and ride. There is a certain freedom enjoyed when riding a two-wheeler that is reminiscent of childhood, before you had a driver's license. Don't have a car? No worries, hop on and pedal away. You've still got wheels. Now with the handy bike carriers on the front of our public transport, more bike racks available, and bike trails to enjoy, there's nothing stopping you from partaking in one of the more pleasant forms of exercise out there. You don't really need anything fancy either, just a comfortable seat. Heck, you work harder without all the extra speeds, bells, and whistles, anyway. If you don't even own that, you still don't have much of an excuse, with all the cute rentable and reasonable bikes available between here and Madison. So, no excuses!

A great – and safer – way to bike is through nature, rather than an urban jungle of non-observant drivers. Here are some great paths that are a little out of the way, and definitely worth it:

The Hank Aaron State Trail
Milwaukee, WI

This close-to-home 12-mile trail is named for the famed home run hitter. Pick up the paved path away from the city streets, east of 3rd and Freshwater Way.

Richard Bong State Recreation Area
Kansasville, WI (near Kenosha)

We just enjoyed yet another lovely camping excursion here at the tail end of Memorial Day Weekend. With the vast paved 5-mile stretch between the Sunrise and Sunset campgrounds, you'll want to bring along your bikes. Marshlands, ample bird and turtle watching, and plenty of room for some privacy await you.

Military Ridge State Trail
Blue Mounds, WI

An added bonus of this 40-mile ride, is an intersection with the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, near Verona. You can make camp at either Governor Dodge or Blue Mound State Parks, if you choose. If you're not feeling that ambitious, this is still an ideal daytime excursion.

Picnic Point
Madison, WI

One of the best places to see a sunrise, for you early risers. I will never forget one of my first long-distance bike trips there. This well-loved peninsula has a bit of archaeological history as well, as you can read about on their website. Reward yourself with a picnic when you find the perfect spot.

These are but a sprinkling of my personal favorites, either remembered from childhood or enjoyed more recently. Just perusing the websites inspires me to explore more this summer, though. I hope you will as well.



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