Dainty Rogues Combine Sci Fi and Sexiness

May. 31, 2017
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The Dainty Rogues are a local burlesque group that stands apart from other locals for their frontal approach to nerd culture. After shows that have incorporated themes of steampunk, Dungeons & Dragons and crime solving mystery, they set their sights on tackling their most ambitious show yet: a three day run of a 13 act production that celebrates long running sci fi show "Doctor Who." That BBC show follows the adventures of an eccentric Time Lord known simply as “The Doctor,” who travels through time and space. Doctor Who Or: How I learned to Stop Time and Love the Dalek, is billed by the Dainty Rogues as a “burlesque fan fiction.”

To help finance the show’s set and costume costs, the troupe did fundraiser performances at Company Brewing and 42 Lounge. Local collective Dalek Asylum participated by contributing their full scale, “screen accurate” Dalek models. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, Daleks are the malicious aliens housed in robotic bodies that screech “EXTERMINATE!” as they chase the Doctor through time and space. Dalek Asylum’s goal is to create enough Daleks to set a world record for most Daleks assembled in one spot. Milwaukee in general has been a Who-positive city: a fan club called the Milwaukee Time Lords has been meeting since 1989 and 42 Lounge has had success with their annual Time Lord’s Ball event at Turner Hall.

"Doctor Who" has captured a solid fanbase for decades, but what makes the show (usually viewed as a family friendly program) sexy?

“I think that 'Doctor Who,' at its core, is a fantasy,” explains Lyndzi Miller, a member of Dainty Rogues. “Each episode is enthralling, exciting, and gets your blood pumping. Like a sexy evening of burlesque, 'Doctor Who' can leave you breathless. We think that combining these two things is a perfect fit. Dangerous adventures are sexy, and we all want the Doctor to grab our hand and whisper, ‘Run!’"

Doctor Who Or: How I learned to Stop Time and Love the Dalek runs June 2-4 at the Next Act Theatre. 


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