This Week on The Disclaimer: Milwaukee's "People's Flag" Campaign Spawns Imitators

Jun. 8, 2017
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la crosse
This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly culture chat with Ryan Schliecher, Milwaukee Record editor Matt Wild and I, we turn our attention, once again, to Milwaukee's "People's Flag" campaign. It's been indisputably successful—the new Milwaukee flag is, at least in certain corners of the city, far more visible the city's endangered official flag. Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that other cities would try to copy that initiative. Citing the same Roman Mars TED Talk that spawned Milwaukee's campaign, Eau Claire and La Crosse have launched their own flag campaigns. We unpack some of our concerns with these campaigns, which profess to celebrate each city's local culture yet almost invariably result in designs that don't reflect it in any way, shape or form. As regular listeners know, we've got a lot to say on the subject. Then, in the final minutes of the show, we turn our attention to a fun little story about a Miller Park beer vendor's eccentric crusade.

You can stream the episode below.


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