Dancing for Water’s Sake

DanceCircus presents its seventh ‘Splash Dance’

Jun. 21, 2017
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“We take our name, DanceCircus, from the ancient Roman word circus, which means ‘circle,’” says the ensemble’s artistic director, Betty Salamun. “Our programs reflect the more contemporary meaning of circle: an area of action or influence or a group of people sharing a common interest. 

“If you saw Hot H2O in concert, danced in Splash Dance freshwater flash mob or participated in eco-dance workshops, you experienced the beauty of the natural world, examined urban environmental concerns and enjoyed innovative dance performances,” she continues, describing some of her ensemble’s community activities. “Or, you saw youth, seniors or differently-abled people blend choreography and dance skills with their environmental interests to create dance programs expressing their concerns, joys and hopes for the world they live in.”

If you’ve done these things in the past, Salamun says, “then you have been part of vibrant and entertaining celebrations involving collaborating artists and performers, diverse people, environmental organizations and civic agencies to bring our community together in a circus of motion and emotion.” And that’s what DanceCircus gives to our community. 

“DanceCircus has presented eco-dance events for decades,” “And Splash Dance is a fun outdoor event that anyone who cares about our local freshwater issues and can move—even just fingers—has a way to express their concerns in dance.”

Splash Dance-Global Water Dance is described as “a freshwater flash mob,” and to comprise that “mob,” DanceCircus is calling upon “all dancers, water advocates, musicians and water ‘spirits’ to join the splash!” This will be the group’s seventh such outing on behalf of clean waterways in Milwaukee which has, in previous years, brought likeminded people, as viewers or movers, to urban ecology centers, science festivals and other local events.

This year’s Splash Dance takes place within a stone’s throw of the biggest single body of fresh water in our area. Sign up at the DanceCircus website for the 3 p.m. kick-off on Saturday, June 24 at Lake Park’s Summer Stage, 2975 N. Lake Park Road. For more information or pre-event registration (which is encouraged), call 414-277-8151 or visit dancecircus.org.


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