IshDARR Caps Off a Marquee Week With Two New Tracks

Jul. 7, 2017
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IshDARR added another feather in his cap this week, when he became the first Milwaukee rapper to headline a 10 p.m. Summerfest show since… who knows? Maybe since Arrested Development’s heyday? There isn’t much precedent for it, and it's hard to stress what a significant feat it is—historically Milwaukee rappers open for national acts at Summerfest, not the other way around.

Beyond that show, IshDARR continued dropping music at his usual pace, releasing two more tracks this week: On Monday, a Canis Major and MAG-produced slow burner called “Sanity,” and today a collab with producer M-Phazes and singer Tkay Maidza called “Don’t Even Know Me.”

Of the two, “Don’t Even Know Me” is likely to have more traction—it’s an absolute monster of a track, shading IshDARR’s recent rap/EDM hybrids with a more experimental, Noah “40” Shebib-esque vibe, and it’s a thrill hearing IshDARR run circles around the beat. “Sanity” won’t light up house parties, but it’s an interesting departure from young rapper's usual bounce, a ever-intensifying slow burner featuring backup vocals from Milwaukee’s B-Free.

You can stream both tracks below.


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