Here Are The Music Videos the Milwaukee Film Festival Will Screen for its 2017 Milwaukee Music Video Show

Aug. 22, 2017
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direct hit
Direct Hit! - "Snickers of Reese's"
These are boom times for music videos in Milwaukee. The city is producing more music videos than ever before, and more visionary music videos than ever before. If you want to watch them, though, your options are pretty much limited to YouTube or Vimeo—not always the most glamorous platform for work that deserves to be seen on something bigger than a computer screen. How great it is, then, that each year the Milwaukee Film Festival gives some of the city's best-done music videos the platform they deserve with its annual Milwaukee Music Video Show, as part of its Cream City Cinema program.

Here are the videos the Milwaukee Music Video Show will be screening this year:

Direct Hit! - “Snickers or Reese’s” (USA / 2017 / Directors: Adam Santiago, Derek Shreves)
The Fatty Acids - “Digested” (USA / 2017 / Director: Cole Quamme)
Hot Coffin - “Whistle, Hawk & Spit” (USA / 2016 / Director: Jed Schlegelmilch)
IshDARR - “Locals” (USA / 2016 / Director: Damien Blue)
Jacob Banks - “Unholy War” (USA / 2017 / Director: Cody LaPlant)
Jim White & Paul Fonfara - “The Saga of the Whittled Hodag” (USA / 2017 / Director: Kara Mulroony)
Joe Quinto & Miguel Diaz - “Black Magic” (USA / 2016 / Director: Emmanuil Morari)
The Kingdom of Mudnscum - “Genie Gypsy Woman” (USA / 2017 / Directors: Tommy Simms, Jamie Hazelwood)
The Listening Party - “Bones” (USA / 2017 / Director: Jessica Farrell)
Marielle Allschwang - “Aquarium” (USA / 2016 / Director: Heather Hass)
NO/NO - “Television” (USA / 2016 / Director: Ryan Thomas Reeve)
Ragani - “Peace Prayer (Seeing All The World As Divine)” (USA / 2017 / Director: Ragani)
Sat. Nite Duets - “St. Yuppie” (USA / 2017 / Director: Kurt Raether)
Soul Low - “Amputee” (USA / 2017 / Director: Harper Robinson)
Uncle Larry - “Cosmic Sugar” (USA / 2017 / Director: Billy Judge Baldus)
WebsterX - “Blue Streak” (USA / 2017 / Directors: Damien Blue, Cody LaPlant)

The 2017 Milwaukee Film Festival takes place at the Landmark Oriental Theatre, Landmark Downer Theatre, Fox-Bay Cinema Grill, Times Cinema and Avalon Theater from Sept. 28 through Oct. 12. Festival passes and ticket six-packs are on sale at


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