Max Devereaux and Suko Pyramid Bring Out The Best in Each Other on "Different Love"

Sep. 5, 2017
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Max Devereaux is a Milwaukee songwriter who makes audaciously arranged, partially campy, partially sincere songs with zero regard for traditional genre boundaries. Suko Pyramid’s Adrián Suchowolski is a Spanish songwriter who… does more or less that, too.

“I heard his Soundcloud, and it almost freaked me out, how much it reminded me of myself,” Devereaux says. “People were like, ‘I think somebody said this sounds like you; is it you?’ His voice is terribly similar. His style, even some of the musical things he goes into are really similar. I think it’s because he really likes the Beach Boys and digs Mac Demarco, too. Anything that’s melodic, beautiful and odd, we’re really into that.”

It made a certain kind of sense for the two eccentric artists to team up, then, and after their initial communications through Soundcloud, the two forged a long-distance friendship and collaboration, piecing together songs during hours-long Skype conversations. And as their new album Different Love, out today, proves, they already have a lot of music to show for their partnership.

The first of what Devereaux predicts will be many more records to come, Different Love is sprawling even for a Max Devereaux album: 20 songs of avant-garde pop with a jazzy lean (once again Devereaux’s brother Nelson, recently of Bon Iver, filled in the record with saxophones and woodwinds).

Devereaux understand that the album’s length makes it a big commitment for a lot of listeners. “I think after repeat listens it’s easy to get into, though,” Devereaux says. “It’s like listening to a movie. Or Game of Thrones. How long is each episode of that? Think about this: People sit down every Sunday night and watch Game of Thrones, so this is like watching Game of Thrones, only you’re listening to two crazy guys who happen to be naked on the album cover.”

You can stream Different Love below.


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