Catch a Chill With These Two New Nineteen Thirteen Tracks

Sep. 11, 2017
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Part of the thrill of any new Nineteen Thirteen release is hearing how the duo pushes the limits of their two-man drums/cello lineup. There are no perimeters on their sound. With each new release—and there have been a lot of them lately—the band introduces new possibilities. They can do chamber pop one song, jazz the next, and trip-hop after that. The addition of a guest musician can fundamentally reshape their entire approach.

It’s not too surprising, then, that the two new songs the duo released this month sound almost nothing alike. “Trick Zipper” is the more traditional of the two, a concise chamber piece with a tumultuous edge. “Hot Garbage,” on the other hand, introduces an unsettling combination of smoky jazz and foreboding beat poetry that plays out like an eerie late night broadcast. True to form, both introduce new tones and textures you’ve never heard on a Nineteen Thirteen song before.

You can stream both of the new tracks below.


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