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Population: Robin Luther

Fri 5-9pm, Open every Sat 12-4pm
207 E. Buffalo St., Suite. 222, Milwaukee, WI, 53202

This multi-media exhibition will include photographs, video and text elements. Population: is Milwaukee artist Robin Luther's most recent, and most hauntingly beautiful project to date.

Luther’s work stems from her personal relationship with a family member that is incarcerated in a maximum security prison in Chester, Illinois, about 5-6 hours south of Chicago, where the majority of inmates in that prison actually received their sentences. While the majority of these inmates have never seen the town of Chester, they are counted as citizens of the general population of the town.

In her current work, the artist has been shooting large format photographs of the town and the surrounding landscapes of Chester. These desolate landscapes feature emptied public pools in the winter season, a high school football field, the Mississippi River as seen from the hilltop behind Town Hall and other ordinary, and in some cases, uncanny, scenes.

Luther also collected responses from inmates to the question “What do you remember most vividly about the city or town that you call home?” These will be paired with photographs and video of the Chester landscape as a way of investigating the connections--or disconnections--between the inmates and this place in which the inmates live, and are technically citizens of.

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