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A Culture of Evil: Sarah Nitschke and Robin Assner

6801 N. Yates Road, Milwaukee, WI, 53217

 Sarah Nitschke and Robin Assner’s latest body of work is an examination of “evil” from a humanistic perspective. Including sculpture; needlepoint; typography; traditional and digital photography; video; and graphic design, this multipart project challenges pre-conceived notions of personal and community understanding, response, responsibility, and perpetuation of the existence of evil. Awakening the viewer’s understanding of the complex genesis of evil, and its roots in human biology, psyche and experience, the artists ask viewers to examine their own views and personal responsibility as complicit bystanders and accessories to the rampant global ills that relentlessly haunt us.

A Culture of Evil opens to the public on Friday January 17 from 5-8pm
The show runs from January 17 to March 9

Gallery hours for January 21 - May 12
Monday - Saturday 12:00pm to 4:00pm
Closed Sunday


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