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Three Exhibitions

233 N Milwaukee St, Milwaukee, WI, 53202
If January is any indication, expect 2014 to be an exciting year for the arts in Milwaukee. The Tory Folliard Gallery, for its part, is welcoming the new year with a cluster of new exhibitions. Rodger Bechtold’s “The Nature of Things” is less about things than it is about nature. The accomplished landscape painter captures the shifting color palette of the Midwest with an impressionistic flair. Ben Grant’s “I’ve Got on With It a Little All the Same” is a delightful multimedia romp. Grant displays an interest in non-representational work that, through evocative colors and repetitive designs, still manages to communicate effectively. Jeremy Popelka’s “Veiled Monuments” is “off the wall” in the phrase’s idiomatic and literal senses. Of course the glass sculptures fare best on pedestals, but his towers, vases, and bowls also confound one’s expectations of what a glass artist does. All three will only stick around until Feb. 1, so waste no time in paying them a visit.

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