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Alverno Presents: Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio

S. 43rd Street & W. Morgan Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, 53234

 Alverno Presents welcomes organist, composer, and bandleader Dr. Lonnie Smith to Wehr Hall.  Dr. Lonnie Smith is the Cheshire Cat of jazz -- he's been part of the scene for so long that, even though he's there, he sometimes disappears from view; when you do get a glimpse, the last thing you see and the first thing you remember is his warm and wise Buddha smile. Dr. Lonnie Smith smiles like he knows that he knows something that most people don't even know that they don't know.  Single tickets are $25. Season subscriptions are still available at a discount off single ticket prices when purchasing three (or more) events.  Tickets may be purchased through the Alverno Presents Box Office at 414-382-6044 or on-line at http://alvernopresents.alverno.edu

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