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Pinstripe Legends Art Auction benefitting Children's Hospital

Friday 3-10pm, Sat 10-7pm, Sun 10-3pm
General admission to the World of Wheels Car Show - $15.00
8100 W. Greenfield Ave., West Allis, WI, 53214

A group of crazy artists will be creating and auctioning off art to benefit Children's Hospital at the Milwaukee World of Wheels Car show Friday-Sunday February 21-23 at the Expo Center on the Wisconsin State Fair Grounds. 

Check out our FaceBook page to see examples of art that we have sold in previous auctions - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pinstripe-Legends-World-of-Wheels-Milwaukee/197477263614128 

Pinstripe art has been traced back to the Egyptians who used the technique of painting straight narrow lines onto items - the Romans used it to embelish their chariots and the artform was used extensively in the carriage and automobile world from their beginnings here in the states.  In the late 50's, Larry Watson and VonDutch (yup - that VonDutch (Ken Howard)) brought the art to the hot rod and motorcycle world by decorating the custome ride, race cars and motorcycles on the west coast.  

In 2013 Huntington Beach Art Center honored our art form by exhibiting a second museum art show titled Kustom Kulture 2 featuring the art of VonDutch, Robert Williams (Juxtapoz magazine founder) and Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth (the guy who started painting crazy monsters on t-shirts and building wild and kooky cars back in the 60's). 

Our group founded by Ray Drea, Dave Jeffrey and Barry Quackenbush have taken this art to a high form by pinstriping, gilding (gold leafing) and painting krazy things on metal panels.  In previous years we have painted up and auctioned off 48" wide golf balls, ladies high heals, leather jackets, refrigerators, chairs, glass pieces signs, doors and even engine and body parts from a '32 Ford (the holy grail of old hot rods).   

Over the past 10 years we have raised $480,000 for Children's Hospital.  Stop by, check out our art, watch us paint and buy something Kool for yourself while helping the kids! 

The Milwaukee Pinstripe Legends

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