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Franken-Foodie Fest - Casting Outgoing People From Milwaukee For Brand New Food Show

400 N. Water St., Milwaukee, WI, 53202

 We are casting for a brand new crazy food show. It will be fun, full of excitement, and different than any other food show. We are looking to meet the outgoing people of Milwaukee who love to cook and who dare to be different by coming up with unique dishes that may be visually different as well as the flavors combinations they choose.

Did I mention that there is a $10,000 prize for the winner?


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14th 2pm-7:30pm
(stop in anytime, earlier the better!)

Milwaukee Public Market
400 North Water St. 
Milwaukee WI, 53202
Madame Kuony's Demonstration Kitchen (2nd level)
Parking in lot off Water Street, Market will validate parking

Create a never-been-seen-before dish to bring as a show-and-tell! Chat with other fun foodies while adding the finishes! After you have completed your dish, you will have a chance to show it to the producers. If they like what they see, you could have a chance to compete on SPIKE TV'S new cooking competition show "Frankenfood," competing for a $10,000 cash prize AND your crazy dish put on a local restaurant menu! 


-Dish should be 90% completed, we will have a fully equipped kitchen available for any finishing touches.

-YOUR FUN SELF! *No chef clothing please,* we are interested in the FUN "Woman or Man behind the white coat"

Here is the challenge:
Frankenfood : A  dish made up of many contrasting parts that would not normally be paired together but somehow once stitched together as one, makes sense... AND tastes good (or at least tastes good to you)! 

Examples: Upside-down mac & cheese sardine Pizza, Chocolate chip & gummie bear pancake wrapped sausage on a sick, Grilled cheese-seafood-cookie

 Please RSVP with Your Full Name and Phone Number to lyric.perez@sharpentertainment.com

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