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Milwaukee Turners present: The Legacy of Progressive German Immigrants

1034 N. 4th St., Milwaukee, WI, 53203


The Milwaukee Turners will present a program on Monday, March 3 at 7pm, featuring renowned historians Mari Jo Buhle and Paul Buhle, on “The Legacy of the 1848er’s and Progressive German Immigrants from the Civil War to the 1890’s.” They will discuss the contributions of women and the German language press to progressivism, socialism, and Marxism in Wisconsin and the USA. This free event will be in Milwaukee’s historic Turner Hall, 1034 N. 4th St., and is open to the public. It marks both Women's History Month and the continuing commemoration of the U.S. Civil War, 150 years ago.  

Retired professors from Brown University (among other institutions) and both graduates of UW-Madison, the Buhles are the authors or editors of dozens of history books, including the Encyclopedia of American Left. Mary Jo Buhle is a McArthur “Genius” fellow, and her works also include the Concise History of Woman Suffrage, Feminism and Its Discontents, and Women and American Socialism, as well as It Started in Wisconsin: Dispatches from the Front Line of the New Labor Protest.

Paul Buhle’s additional works include The Wobblies, Jews and American Popular Culture; Marxism in the U.S.; and with Howard Zinn and Mike Konopacki, A People’s History of the American Empire.

The program is sponsored by the Milwaukee Turners and its History Committee. For more information, please contact milwaukeeturners@gmail.com, 414-272-1733, or visit www.milwaukeeturners.org.


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