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Living Lost

400 W. Canal Street, Milwaukee , WI, 53233
“Living Lost,” an exhibition of photographs by Josh Kurpius at the Harley-Davidson Museum, collects more than 30 photographs documenting the cross-country wanderings undertaken by Kurpius and comrades over the past few years. But this is not a Norman Rockwell-esque over-the-river-and-through-the-woods-to-Grandmother’s-house in the family station wagon type road trip. Rather, these individuals quench their wanderlust in a manner more reminiscent of 19th-century frontiersmen off to settle the Wild West… save that these pioneers ride Harleys. Many of the photographs capture the dynamism of being on the go. Doing so required Kurpius to divide his attention while barreling down the road. In search of evocative angles, Kurpius knelt and stood on the seat, prostrated himself towards the pavement and otherwise assumed riding positions that would make an insurance agent swoon. (Through May 18.)


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