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Beats Antique w/ Sean Hayes and Horsehead McGee

1034 N. 4th St., Milwaukee, WI, 53203
Originally formed to create musical accompaniments for producer/arranger Zoe Jakes’ belly dances, the Oakland world-fusion band Beats Antique has blossomed into an internationally popular touring group. Their albums weave an experimental mix of Middle Eastern gypsy music, Afro-beat and funk. It’s a sound so busy and eclectic that when Blues Traveler’s John Popper lent a bit of harmonica to 2010’s Blind Threshold, it barely registered as unusual. The group’s follow-up albums, including 2012’s Contraption Vol. II and their new two-part album A Thousand Faces, have been even more fusion-minded, throwing electronic and dubstep accents into the mix.

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