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Renegade Stage @ Summerfest


Summerfest 2014 Renegade Stage FINAL Line-Up with Musical Description

Wed June 25th
12- 1:45pm Steely James (Nashville Tennessee)= Frantic Folk
2-5 Jon Rouse & Friends w Jack Pascolini = Singer/Songwriter Series Begins
5-7 Bella Brutto = Progressive Power Pop Band
7:15 -Close Coventry Jones & Friends w Kevin Z w/ Bibi Adell = Renegade Leaders

Thurs June 26th
12-2 Ras Amerilock = Reggae Vibez
2-3 Steely James = Frantic Folk
3-5:45 Jon Rouse & Friends w Jack Pascolini & Coventry Jones = Singer/Songwriter Series
6-8 Dorothy Don’t (Florida Band) (or Does She?)= Mystery Band from Florida
8-Close Coventry Jones & Friends w Kevin Z and Gene Gruber = Series Cont...

Fri June 27th
Noon-- TBA
1-3 Jumping Parker = BEST in Piano Rock
3-6 Jon Rouse & Friends w Kimberly Brown= Singer/Songwriter Series
6-8 Twister Army featuring singer/drummer Dennis Dykstra= Rock
8-Close Coventry Jones & Friends w Kevin Z and Kimberly Brown = Series Cont.

Sat June 28th
Noon-3 Jon Rouse & Friends w Gene Gruber= Singer/Songwriter Series
3-6 pm Mud River Lee & The Bluegrass Orchestra featuring Bibi Adell = Bluegrass/Folk Blow-out
6:30-8 Captain Goods of America, B1 aka Uno, Manifest (New York) w Mr.Aman = Hip to The Hop & Bop

8-Close Coventry Jones & Friends w Kevin Z = Series Cont.

Sun June29th
Noon-1:30 pm Myke Deezy w Just Coolin Records AND 
1:30-3 Captain Goods of America, B1 aka Uno, Manifest (New York) =Hip to The Hop & Bop
3-6 Jon Rouse Friends w Jack Pascolini & Kimberly Brown = Singer/Songwriter Series Cont...
6-8 Edgar Allen Cash = Country Jam Band
8-CLOSE Coventry Jones & Friends w Gene Gruber=Series Cont...


Tues July 1st
1-3 John Grover & Berto (Hawaiian)= Singer/Songwriter Series Cont...
4-6 Jon Rouse and Friends w Coventry Jones 
6- 7:30 Brian Wurch Band w Bibi Adell = Original Rock & Roll
7:30-8:45 The Gigolos = Rock and Roll
9-Close Coventry Jones and Friends = Series Cont...

Wed July 2nd
12-2:45 John Grover & Berto (from Hawaii)=Series Cont...
3-5:45 Matt Haeffel w Friends Pascolini & Rouse
6-8 Sandbox (Los Angeles CA) = Power Pop
8-9:30 Mokus and Framchow featuring saxophonist Scott Summers + Jazz Twist
9-Close Coventry Jones & Friends w Kevin Z

Thur July 3rd
12-3:45 Jack Pascolini, Jon Rouse & Coventry Jones & Derek Sallman
4-5:30 FoWlMouth= Heavy Melodic Rock 
5:30-700 Ash Can School = Pop Punk
730- 9:30 Coventry Jones Band
9-Close Coventry Jones Band = Melodious Rock

Fri July 4th
noon-2 Ras Amerilock = Reggae Vibez
2-4 Jon Rouse & Friends w Coventry Jones 
4-6 Szilenze Band = Comicon Rock Steampunk
6-8 Trammel Ford = Singer/Songwriter's Series Cont...
8-Close Coventry Jones Band =Original Folk

Sat July 5th
Noon-1:45 Lezy Dezy = Singer Songwriter Series Cont.
2-4 Roxie Beane = Singer Songwriter Series Cont
4-6 Ras Amerilock = Reggae Vibez
6-8 Elvis Thao & The Creatives = Original Folk Rock
8-Close Coventry Jones Band =Original Folk Rock

Sun July 6th
Noon- 1:30 Jon Rouse & Friends w Jenna Lynn= series Cont...
1:30-2 Comedian Pete Christiansen
2-2:30 Jon Rouse and Friends
2:30 -2:45 Comedian Pete Christiansen
3-5 Matt Haeffel Band = Power Pop Rock/Folk
5-7 Trammel Ford= Singer/Songwriter Series Cont
7-8 Matt Haeffel
8-Close Coventry Jones and friends w Kevin Z

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