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Kandinsky: A Retrospective

700 N. Art Museum Drive, Milwaukee, WI, 53202
“Kandinsky: A Retrospective” features works by Wassily Kandinsky (1886-1944) and related artists from Munich’s Blaue Reiter group, the early 20th-century circle of modernist painters that helped nurture Kandinsky’s vision. The more than 100 paintings, watercolors, prints and photographs in the retrospective include a selection from the different periods of Kandinsky’s 40-year career in his Russian homeland as well as Germany and France. Early landscape and village scenes reflect Kandinsky’s interest in Russian fairy tales and folk art. Later on, Kandinsky became one of the first to introduce abstraction into modern art. His imaginative, often playful abstract images draw upon his own inner subjective life using bright colors, geometric shapes and bold lines to express feelings and ideas. Even today Kandinsky’s art continues to challenge the imaginations of viewers accustomed to representational images focused on the external world. (Through Sept. 1)

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