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The Red Planet

1900 E. Kenwood Blvd., Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI, 53211

After 10 years of exploration on Mars, NASA believes it can send a human to the Red Planet around 2035.  Is it even possible for humans to survive there?  What has robotic exploration taught us so far?  To answer these questions and more,The Red Planet will showcase Mars exploration and NASA's future endeavors.  The show will take the audience on an in-depth look of the Mars rover program, beginning with early rover, opportunity, and ending with future rover, Mars 2020.  Audiences will also get to explore questions such as: Why do we want to go to Mars?  Has Mars ever sustained life?  What can Mars exploration teach us about energy production and waste management on Earth?

The show, as always, includes an indoor stargazing portion to look at familiar patterns such as the Big Dipper but also other astronomical objects such as Pegasus, and Andromeda.  Guests will be able to ask questions at the end of the program.

Show runs on Sept 12, Sept 19, Sept 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, Oct 17, Oct 24

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