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Supersuckers w/ Beggars and A Couple of Cocksmiths

8 p.m.
533 E. Center St., Milwaukee, WI, 53212
For a quarter-century, Arizona’s Supersuckers have served as punk’s answer to cowboy hat-wearing, meat-and-potatoes American rock ’n’ roll. Like a lot of bands that had comfortable label homes in the ’90s, the one-time Sub Pop group has taken the independent route in recent years; they started their own label, Mid-Fi Records, in 2001. During their career, they formed an unlikely creative partnership with one of country’s greats: Willie Nelson, who they once backed on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” In turn, Nelson did a guest stint on the title track of the Supersuckers’ Must’ve Been High, the band’s purest country record. On recent albums, though, including their new Get The Hell, the group has played down those country accents in favor of a purer, punk-influenced hard rock sound.

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