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"Music for Clarinet & String Quartet"

$29-$59 for adults and seniors $10-$20 for students
8815 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI, 53226
In two prior seasons, Early Music Now has celebrated an instrument not usually associated with early music, but which has historical roots in the chalumeau and the basset horn. Prior programs showcased those earlier instruments with soprano, harpsichord, cello, and fortepiano. Eric Hoeprich, who specializes in performing on historical clarinet, returns for this third installment, this time with The London Haydn Quartet, one of the world’s leading period instrument string ensembles. The program will include W.A. Mozart’s “Clarinet Quintet” K581, Beethoven’s “String Quartet” Opus 18, No. 3, and the Weber “Clarinet Quintet” Opus 34.

Tickets and info at http://earlymusicnow.org/this-season/clarinetandstringquartet/

Also at Wisconsin Lutheran College

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