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Milwaukee Chamber Theatre presents: Deathtrap

Thursday, Aug. 10 7:30 Friday, Aug. 11 8:00 Saturday, Aug. 12 8:00 Sunday, Aug. 13 2:00 Wednesday, Aug. 16 1:00 Wednesday, Aug. 16 7:30 Thursday, Aug. 17 7:30 Friday, Aug. 18 8:00 Saturday, Aug. 19 4:00 Saturday, Aug. 19 8:00 Sunday, Aug. 20 2:00 Wednesday, Aug. 23 1:00 Thursday, Aug. 24 7:30 Friday, Aug. 25 8:00 Saturday, Aug. 26 4:00 Saturday, Aug. 26 8:00 Sunday, Aug. 27 2:00
158 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI, 53202
by Ira Levin August 10-27, 2017     Cabot Theatre 
Directed by Michael Cotey Featuring Di’Monte Henning, Mary Kababik, David Sapiro, Susan Spencer and Bill Watson 
Acclaimed but cash-strapped writer Sidney Bruhl has an exceptional new thriller in his hands. There’s just one problem: It was written by one of his students. Sydney and his wife quickly come up with a solution -- offer to collaborate with the young writer, and they can split the profits 50/50. No need to consider more … lethal solutions. Dripping with twists and turns, Ira Levin’s Tony-nominated play is both a spellbinding thriller and a devilishly clever comedy. You won’t know whether the next sound out of your mouth will be a laugh or a scream. 


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