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Drive The Local Economy

When compared with the average adult, our readers buy more houses, cars, electronic equipment, home furnishings, and personal goods each year. Younger and more affluent, they are in the acquisition phase of life—a great demo for our advertisers.

Responsible And Informed Decision Makers

Our readers are extremely loyal, dynamic and informed consumers with a high level of education. Passionate, savvy, influential and socially active—they take great interest in politics, the arts, their environment and their community.

Play As Hard As They Work

Always on the go—working, traveling, entertaining, gardening, staying fit, and learning. Our readers shop and dine out more, and attend more movies, concerts, arts & sporting events than the average resident.


Distribution Locations

We distribute to over 1100 locations and we send out more than 63,000 weekly papers

Milwaukee East and Downtown

17,700 papers / 29.2%

Metro Milwaukee West Central

10,020 papers / 16.52%

Milwaukee Co. East and South

9,300 papers / 15.33%

Metro Milwaukee South and West

6,955 papers / 11.47%

Waukesha Co. West

4,395 papers / 7.25%

Milwaukee Co. Northeast

4,150 papers / 6.84%

Metro Milwaukee Northwest

3,380 papers / 5.57%


2,365 papers / 3.90%

Ozaukee Co.

1,325papers / 2.18%

Washington Co.

1,060 papers / 1.75%


Ad Sizes and Guidelines


Shepherd Express print ad sizes


Ad Space
Must be reserved no later than 5:00pm the Friday prior to the publication date.

Ad Copy
Must be turned in no later than 5:00pm the Friday prior to the publication date.

Camera Ready Artwork
Must be turned in no later than 5:00pm the Friday prior to the publication date. No films. No exceptions.

Newsprint Cautions

Reverse Type/Color Type: When using reverse type, delicate serifs and fine strokes, please understand that they tend not to reproduce well. Thin strokes fill with ink when reversed. Text to be reversed out of a solid black area should be no less than 10 point. Type to be reversed out of two or more overprinting colors should be no less than 14 point. This allows for variances in register, while maximizing legibility. Colored type that is created by overprinting the process colors should be no less than 14 point.

Surprinted Type: Type should not be surprinted in areas that exceed 30% screen tint value. This allows for dot gain and provides necessary contrast between the text and the background.

Black Ink/Rich Black: All black type should be 100% black ink, not rich black (combination of CMYK values that make black). If registration is even slightly off, text using rich black becomes illegible.

Other Info

Screen Ruling: 110 lines per inch
Resolution: 220 dpi minimum (300dpi preferred)
Max Density: The total maximum dot combined should not exceed 200%.
Supported Applications: CS3, CS4, CS5, CC, CC2014, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat 8
Fonts/Type Faces: Please include all fonts used in your ad, or convert fonts to outlines.
Supported Media: 3.5” disks, CD, FLASH Drives
File Formats: EPS, TIFF, JPG and PDF. Shepherd Express is not responsible for print errors from ad files that are not sent in .PDF X1A or .Tiff It P1 formats.
Platforms: We use OSX Apple Macintosh computers.
E-mail Delivery: Send your ad to your ad representative, or with company name in the subject line.


Meet the Sales Team

Shepherd Express Sales Team

Sales Manager

Alissa Weber (ext.205)

Senior Account Executive

Mark Krueger (ext. 212)

Account Executives

Bridgette Ard (ext. 211)
Donna Wagner (ext. 215)
Chuck Hill (ext. 222)
If you would like to put a Classified in, contact Stephanie Schroeter (ext. 216)

Director of Digital Operations

Eric Engelbart (ext. 207)

Sales Coordinator

Lisa Kortebein (ext. 213)

Marketing Coordinator

Heather Pechacek (ext. 223)

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