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A Civics Lesson From America's Education Debate Paradoxes come in all different forms, but here's one that perfectly fits this Gilded Age: The most significant lesson from the ongoing debate about American education has little to do with schools]]> Photos: State Capital - March 10, 2011 Images capture the ongoing protests at the Capitol]]> Advocates for Student Achievement Agrees to $5,000 Campaign Finance Fine - Group founded by conservative MPS board member Bruce Thompson gets caught The GOP’s Mixed Medicare Message - Paul Ryan's plan would subsidize the private insurance industry For voters listening to the Republican leadership over the past year, the most startling surprise was the shift in their attitude toward Medicare. Where faithfulness to true conservatism was once measured by fierce hostility to the popular insurance program for the elderly, as articulated by Ronald Reagan at the birth of Medicare in 1965, today the Republicans claim to be its staunchest...]]> iPad: What is it good for? Steve Jobs took the stage yesterday for what might be his last earth-shattering product announcement- the long awaited, much discussed iPad, a product that Apple has been working on for over seven years. Tablet computing is not new to Apple. The Cupertino, CA company released its...]]> Milwaukee Teachers Release MPS Reform Plan - Proposals include new administrators, smaller classes, alternative compensation While Gov. Jim Doyle and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett have said they want the mayor to take over the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) and appoint a new superintendent, they haven’t provided any con]]> Medical Marijuana Advocates Won’t Wait - Wisconsin could legalize pot for chronically ill people In November 2008, 63% of Michigan voters made medical marijuana legal in that state—a significant victory, when you consider that the ballot measure won in each and every county and generated mo]]> Using the Second Amendment to Attack Democracy - A Q&A with Joshua Horwitz, author of ‘Guns, Democracy and the Insurrectionist Idea' Those armed protesters at anti-tax and health care reform rallies aren’t an anomaly, argues Joshua Horwitz, executive director of the Washington, D.C.-based Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. They&]]> Schwartz Bookshops to Close After 82 Years The 19th Annual Christmas Family Feast Will Be the Biggest One Yet A Local Take on the Auto Industry Bailout Self Coaching Made Easy - Expert Tips from Obama Likely to Satisfy Left Wing With Labor Appointment How to Get a Good Job in a Bad Economy: 7 Recession Strategies - Expert Tips from Cyber Monday: The New Black Friday? DNR Report - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources How To Interview over the Phone - Expert Tips from Tips on Finding Work in this Economy - Expert Tips from Breaking News: Milwaukee Shut Out of Assembly Leadership Breaking News: - Milwaukee State Rep. Jon Richards on Track to Be Speaker NYT: Near-flawless run from start to finish - Dem's journey to the presidency was marked by organization, disc Obama elected 44th president - Change has come to America, first African-American leader tells Dennis Leary's Comments Taken Out of Context Woman denies Halloween candy to Obama supporters - Election Weirdness in Michigan WMSE Gets A New Transmitter - Video of the new Installation Sarah Palin on SNL - Watch both videos now Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin was on Saturday Night Live tonight in two different skits. One included Tina Fey as Palin, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, and Palin herself. The other included a Palin rap complete with a moose and Sarah Palin dancing. They're both worth watching, so here you go... ]]> Giant Pumpkin Vandalized - Local Attraction Still Open Wisconsin State Fair Park Police are investigating why somebody thought it would be funny to put an 8 foot gash in the side of the giant pumpkin along I-94.Giant blowers keep the tent inflated to the delight of adults and local children. And, owner John Majdoch intends to keep it that way. ]]> Sandy Pasch Back on the Campaign Trail Sandy Pasch’s campaign slogan is “Fighting for the health of our community for over 20 years.” And that was before Pasch, nursing instructor and mental health advocate, fractured the socket part of her hip from a fall while campaigning door to door for the 22nd Assembly District. ]]> Power Plant’s Water-Intake Pipe Moves Ahead - DNR OKs We Energies' plans Riverkeeper Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called it “a giant fish-killing machine,” but the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) just gave a preliminary OK to We Energies’ plan to build a 1.5-mile-long water-intake pipe into Lake Michigan. ]]> Justice in Black and White - Three studies detail Wisconsin's racial disparities in dru Three recently released studies confirm what many Milwaukeeans already believe: The state’s justice system treats black and white drug offenders differently. The Sentencing Project found that the rate of arrests of white Milwaukeeans for drug offenses decreased 63% from 1980 to 2003. Yet the rate of arrests of ]]> The Legacy of Richard Oulahan - Esperanza Unida's mission and transition In many ways the heart and soul of the near South Side could be found in the numerous ventures organized by Esperanza Unida’s longtime executive director, Richard Oulahan, who died on Friday. “Rich really was the voice of progressive Milwaukee,” said Mayor Tom Barrett in a statement. “His contributions to our community leave a lasting impression of his dedication. Rich will be dearly missed.” ]]> The Future of the Milwaukee International Film Festival - Crossroads for MIFF The Milwaukee International Film Festival (MIFF) finished its fifth season last year with another round of record-breaking ticket sales. Rarely have I ever seen consensus on any issue, but there seems to be a virtually unanimous opinion that the Milwaukee International Film Festival has been a great addition to the city and is an institution that’s here to stay. We certainly hope it’s here to stay. But MIFF is at a crossroads. There are going to be changes that we all hope will help the festival grow and not spin out of control and crash and burn. Here, I want to lay out the history of the festival and then explain the crossroads it is facing. ]]>