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Wild Space’s ‘Wild at 30’ Celebrates a 30-Year-Old Dance Family   ]]> Milwaukee Ballet's Dance that Argues with Despair ]]> Remembering the Stories Someone Told Us - Daniel Burkholder and Danceworks’ ‘Stories from a Life’   ]]> Chance, Risk and High Aspiration at Milwaukee Ballet’s ‘Genesis’   ]]> Strong Performances by Young Artists at UWM’s Winterdances   ]]> Inspiring Program by MBII's Young International Cast at South Milwaukee PAC ]]> Milwaukee Dancers Get Risky in DanceLAB’s ‘Get it Out There’ - Get It Out There in Short Hand   ]]> A Night of Pop Dance 'Transcendence' with SueMo ]]> The Magic of Milwaukee Ballet’s ‘The Nutcracker’   ]]> Danceworks is Available for ‘Take Out’ Throughout the New Season   ]]> Love Trumps Hate in Milwaukee Ballet’s ‘Scheherazade’   ]]> Outside with Wild Space Dancers - Villa Terrace an incomparable setting for ‘Into the Garden’    ]]> Milwaukee History in Motion - Fun facts accompany Danceworks on Tap’s ‘DiverCITY’   ]]> ‘Act III’ from Milwaukee’s SueMo Dancer Company   ]]> DANCE HAPPENING 8.11   ]]> DanceLAB Returns with‘Ignite’ - Hip-hop dance concert featured 11 original works   ]]> Dance Happening 7.21 ‘Scenic Route: MKE’ Completes the Cycle Choreographer Daniel Burkholder’s love for ritual and for his new hometown is evident both in his monthly Real Time performances and his seasonal Scenic Route: MKE. These seasonal site-specific d]]> DANCE HAPPENING: Real Time A Parade of New Performers ‘Get It Out There’ - Choreography, film, hip-hop and more at Danceworks event   ]]> Established Choreographers and Emerging Artists ‘Get It Out There’ - 17 premieres at Danceworks’ DanceLAB concert series   ]]> Dance Happening: Real Time ‘Alice (in wonderland)’ Unfolds in Showstoppers - (but does little justice to the company’s acting abilities)   ]]> Jason Powell’s ‘The Quest’ Sets a New Standard - Fantasy story filled with imagination, humor, music and dance ]]> Dance Happening 5.19 'The Quest' of a Narcoleptic Princess - World premiere by Milwaukee’s Jason Powell features Danceworks, Chant Claire Chamber Choir and other guests New Dance in New Performance Space    ]]> Wild Space and Milwaukee Opera Theatre present Missy Mazzoli’s ‘Song from the Uproar’ ]]> UWM’s ‘Springdances’ at Kenilworth 620 - Premieres by faculty and guest choreographers   ]]> Milwaukee Ballet Leading Artist Marc Petrocci Will Retire in May    ]]> 'Bayou's State' and The Limon Dance Company: Dance Happenings   ]]> Milwaukee Ballet's World Premieres - ‘Kaleidoscope Eyes’ is pure dance, parable and memoir ]]> 'Imagery and Words in Motion' & 'Caught': Dance Happenings   ]]> Kaleidoscopic Ballet - ‘A Day in the Life’ and world premieres  ]]> Dance Happening: Confluence–down by the riverside   ]]> Danceworks’ ‘Writing About Music/Dancing About Architecture’ Indescribable in Other Terms   ]]> 'Message Me If…' at the Kelly Anderso Dance Theatre    ]]> A Bird’s Eye View of Wild Space’s ‘Fresh Tracks’    ]]> Spending Real Time Together Dancing About Dance Making - Danceworks premieres ‘Writing About Music / Dancing About Architecture’   ]]> Wild Space Dance Company Makes ‘Fresh Tracks’ - Audience and dancers will roam the space at will   ]]> A Brave and Beautiful ‘Dorian Gray’ - Milwaukee Ballet’s uncanny staging of Oscar Wilde   ]]> UW-Milwaukee Students, Faculty in Risk-Taking Dance Concert - ‘Winterdances 2016: Evolve As We Enter’    ]]> Their Generation In Ballet - The young dancers of MBII at South Milwaukee PAC    ]]> Winterdances: Evolve As We Enter    ]]> World Premieres and Classical Ballets - MBII Returns to South Milwaukee PAC ]]> Twin Talk/ Gina Laurenzi Dance Project 'The Nutcracker' a Milwaukee Ballet Masterpiece - Michael Pink's imaginative staging of the holiday classic    ]]> Dance Happening: 'Boulders and Bones' Danceworks' Impressive 'Footsteps' - 'Shadows and Whispers,' memories and dreams in concert     ]]> Of Dreams and Shadows - Danceworks' 'Footsteps, Shadows and Whispers' Reviewed: Danceworks on Tap's ‘Heart and Sole’ - Exhilarating concert left audience delighted What makes tap dance so infectious? Intoxicating rhythms, of course; accessibility – it is what it is; the pleasure of watching people doing something very well; the flattery of performers who so]]>