Shepherd Express - Dance Sat, 13 Feb 16 00:00:00 -0600 en hourly 1 UW-Milwaukee Students, Faculty in Risk-Taking Dance Concert - ‘Winterdances 2016: Evolve As We Enter’    ]]> Their Generation In Ballet - The young dancers of MBII at South Milwaukee PAC    ]]> Winterdances: Evolve As We Enter    ]]> World Premieres and Classical Ballets - MBII Returns to South Milwaukee PAC ]]> Twin Talk/ Gina Laurenzi Dance Project 'The Nutcracker' a Milwaukee Ballet Masterpiece - Michael Pink's imaginative staging of the holiday classic    ]]> Dance Happening: 'Boulders and Bones' Danceworks' Impressive 'Footsteps' - 'Shadows and Whispers,' memories and dreams in concert     ]]> Of Dreams and Shadows - Danceworks' 'Footsteps, Shadows and Whispers' Reviewed: Danceworks on Tap's ‘Heart and Sole’ - Exhilarating concert left audience delighted What makes tap dance so infectious? Intoxicating rhythms, of course; accessibility – it is what it is; the pleasure of watching people doing something very well; the flattery of performers who so]]>