Shepherd Express - Comedy Wed, 23 Aug 17 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Sorry Cleveland - Weier Not Amused I Can’t Break Up With His Money, I Mean, Craig - Weier Not Amused Aziz Ansari @ the Pabst - June 18, 2010 Everything is Okay - Weier Not Amused Couple Fight Survival Guide - Weier Not Amused Norm McDonald @ The Pabst Theater - May 7, 2010 On Friday May 7th, Milwaukee welcomed to the Pabst Theater a Saturday Night Live alum, a movie man and that guy that does voice-over work sometimes—Norm McDonald. He looks, well…different, but his comedy was as fresh as ever. It’s been a long times since Norm McDonald was behind...]]> The Bangover - Weier Not Amused Demetri Martin @ The Pabst Theater - April 24, 2010 Demetri Martin delivered a classic musical, educational and freaking hysterical set at The Pabst Theater on April 24. The shaggy-haired, man boy busted out the large sketch pad and a tiny guitar, as well as some sweet piano accompaniment to give everyone a little insight into the mind of a lunatic...]]> Memo: Don’t Forget Becky’s Birthday on Tuesday - Weier Not Amused Wii Can’t Stand It! - Weier Not Amused Hannibal Buress @ JD’s Comedy Café - March 18, 2010 The comedians at JD’s Comedy Café on Brady Street on March 18th rocked a holy triumvirate. A man that goes simply by the name Ole opened the show with some incite on gym etiquette and the homoerotic vibes from pushy receptionists. He set a good tone for the beginning despite the audience not really responding to his stories. Geoff LaFleur, who once opened for Dave Chappelle...]]> Team Who Gives a F#$@!? - Weier Not Amused Dear Jane Austen… - Weier Not Amused Patton Oswalt @ The Pabst Theater - Comedy Review Not since 1992 has Milwaukee had the pleasure of hosting comedian Patton Oswalt. His recent performance at the Pabst Theater on February 20 was far from his visit to Sir Laughs-A-Lot, a “comedy club” under the stairs of a hotel. Never heard of Patton Oswalt? Not for long...]]> No Conan - Weier Not Amused Jerry Seinfeld @ The Riverside Theater - Nov. 6, 2009 While today’s comedians pass themselves off as the average, blue-collar Joes next door—sometimes about as convincingly as a presidential candidate on the campaign trail—Jerry Seinfeld never feigns populism. He enjoys playing the superstar that he is, and he addresses his crowds with an earned arrogance. Friday’s performance at the Riverside Theater...]]>