Shepherd Express - Spring Drink Guide 2015 Tue, 19 Sep 17 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Where They Drink This year’s “Where They Drink” finds Kevin Hardman, executive director of Bublr Bikes, at Walters’ on North; Isabelle Kralj and Mark Anderson, co-artistic directors of Theatre Gigante, at Brenner Brewing Company; and Miss Cupcake Founder Ashley Weber at The Highbury and Elsa’s on the Park. ]]> Drinking in Milwaukee - 2015 Spring Drink Guide ]]> Craft Cocktails: A New World of Libations When ordering a cocktail in years past, most of us had one requirement; it simply needed to taste good. Now, since the resurgence of craft cocktails, we are starting to expect more. Fresh fruit juices, house-made syrups, tinctures and liqueurs have become much more common. Ingredient lists for these drinks read ]]> Taking Pride in Bloody Marys - Potent drinks concocted with pride Nowhere else in the country are Bloody Marys so loved as here in Southeastern Wisconsin. While many are consumed during Sunday brunch, Bloodies are enjoyed all day, every day. This may be the only place where people won’t look at you sideways when you order a Bloody on a ]]> On-Site Brewing - A look at local brew-pubs Brew-pubs have been opening in and around the Milwaukee area since the '80s, and it's easy to see why they're so reliably popular. They serve big portions of comfort food in an open, inviting environment, for about the same price as a cookie-cutter...]]> Spirits of Wisconsin - The growth of local distilleries Wisconsin distilleries, a relatively new trend, focus on small-batch, specialty spirits and liqueurs. These craft distillers stretch their creative chops to make exceptional products without rushing production. This means patrons may occasionally...]]> When Less Is More - Wisconsin microbreweries challenge the major brewers Based on TV advertising, any alien unfortunate enough to be subjected to an entire weekend of sporting events would report back to the mothership that Earthlings apparently have a choice between one of three beers, each of which makes one...]]> Move Over, Dairy Farms - Wisconsin is also home to wineries When most people think of wine country, California's many vineyards and wineries come to mind. But Wisconsin residents and visitors don't have to trek across the country to follow a wine trail. Our state has a thriving wine industry all its own...]]>