Shepherd Express - Stein and Dine Sat, 23 Sep 17 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Stein & Dine 2017 Festival Guide ENLARGE MAP Stein & Dine 2017 Saturday, Apr. 22, 2017 1pm-2pm (VIP) kknd 2pm-6pm (GA) Wisconsin State Fair Park Expo Center About Event | Tickets | Facebook ]]> Pairing a Soulboxer Old Fashioned with Drink Wisconsinbly Pub's DW Burger Stein & Dine 2017: Your Local Pub, Only Bigger ]]> Burgundy Ties Rocks Stein & Dine ]]> A Bootfull of Beer at Miller Time Pub ]]> Sweet Peaches and Bourbon - Woodford Reserve suggests a refreshing drink for the summer season ]]> Meat, Cheese and More at Bunzel's Old-Fashioned Meat Market Welcome Back to Stein & Dine! - Milwaukee’s all-day festival of beer, sausage and cheese ]]> Enjoy Wisconsin’s True Heritage: Beer, Cheese and Sausage at Stein & Dine

 Last year, more than 2,000 people enjoyed the Shepherd Express’ first annual beer, cheese and sausage festival Stein & Dine and in about a week, they can do it again. On April 26, the Shepherd Express will celebrate

Stein & Dine - A celebration of local food, craft drink and community

 Marrying delicious craft beer, tasty artisan cheese and mouth-watering sausage, the Shepherd Express’ first annual Stein & Dine festival on Saturday, April 27, promises to satisfy all food and drink cravings with the best

Stein & Dine - Beer, Cheese and Sausage Fest Not To Be Missed! Craving a tasty new brew? Savory cheese? Delicious sausage? Then join the Shepherd Express on Saturday, April 27, for our first annual Stein & Dine beer, cheese and sausage festival at Milwaukee’s State Fair Expo Center]]>