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Martin Re: Michael Savage’s commentary on Autism - Statement by the Autism Society of Wisconsin This week, talk show host Michael Savage made inaccurate and derogatory comments about autism on his radio show, calling the condition “a fraud” and the result of a lack of parental discipline. Mr. Savage’s unsubstantiated comments reflect the misconceptions of over 50 years ago, that autism was caused by “refrigerator mothers” or unemotional parenting, which have been completely disproven by the scientific community. Autism is a neurodevelopmental medical condition that requires early identification and lifelong treatment. ]]> Meat Production and Climate Impact - More impact than from auto manufacturing Summerfest did the right thing - Bill Christofferson, Milwaukee Poison Food - Max Dyer, Milwaukee Act on Impeachment - Gary Drescher, Milwaukee Damage to U.S. Credibility - Minnie Frew, Greendale Ryan's Plan is Laughable - Ray Bender, MD, Mequon Protest Beef Subsidies - Marcus Armand, Milwaukee I agree with Mr. McNally that the government spits on vets - Bob Schweitzer Preservation of the Milwaukee River - The 7th grade students at Tamarack Waldorf School Senator McCain and the GI Bill - Ed Lopez Congress is the culprit! - Nancy Barker Brennan Impeachable Offenses - Walter Wilson, Glendale Eloquent Article on Hilary Hahn - Thallis Hoyt Drake, Milwaukee Oprah Goes Vegan - Max Dyer, Milwaukee My take is that once again the Shep leads the way in publishing - W.S., Milwaukee Ice Cream Truck Noise Pollution - Rick Eells, Milwaukee Shepherd Fan Wants Kenosha Delivery - Deb, Kenosha Impeachment is our responsibility - Ray Hallstrand, Milwaukee Illogic of the Shepherd Express Expresso - G.A. Lindstrum, Milwaukee Torture is an impeachable offense - Kathleen Sommers, Milwaukee Thug life is killing black America - Chris Napolitano, Playboy Editorial Director GAS TAX VOTE GIMMICK??? - Colin J. N. Chauret, Colonel, USAF Retired Freeways benefit Milwaukee as well as the burbs - Todd Spangler, Milwaukee Now is the time to either clear Bush and Cheney's names or get t - Mary Laan, Milwaukee Multiple Inaccuracies in Milwaukee Magazine Story - An Open Letter to Bruce Murphy I’ll start at the beginning- with your title: “Film Festival in Danger?” At no point in your article do you maintain that the Film Festival is actually in danger of being suspended. And rightly so- there will absolutely be a 2008 Milwaukee International Film Festival, and 2009, 2010, 2011- you get the idea. You do a great disservice to the tens of thousands of Festival attendees when you suggest that the Festival will not take place. Milwaukee’s Future Foundation has not “shut off funding” of the Festival, and there will always be plenty of funding for such a great event- and one so important to Milwaukee’s stature as a city with offerings every bit as diverse as Chicago or Minneapolis. ]]> - Marcus Armand, Milwaukee Supervisor Jursik an independent voice and balance to County Exe - Alexis Gassenhuber, Oak Creek Open Season on Shoplifters? - David J. Livingston, Pewaukee Food prices driving people into poverty - Max Dyer, Milwaukee Democrats blocking impeachment hearings - Dennis Johnson, Milwaukee Great Lakes Compact - Mary Bunge, New Berlin Thank you Good Samaritan - Ann, Rockford, Il It's not about changing light bulbs anymore! - Marcus Armand, Milwaukee 400 Code Pink members are on a fast for impeachment - Dennis Johnson, Milwaukee Regarding digital TV - Al Geiersbach Give to Caesar what is Caesar's - Rev. Don Timmerman CAN THIS COUNTRY FACE THE TRUTH? - Don Wescher I know and respect Nik Kovac. He is a good friend and a true pro - Vel Phillips Great American Meatout - Max Dyer, Milwaukee Musical Offering: Champions of Classical Guitar - Marion Verhaalen What's your take? The Cancerous Mischief Vote - Charlie Koenen, Mequon Yesterday, Wisconsin went to the polls to decide who would represent their Party in November. At least that’s what’s supposed to happen in a primary election. But yesterday, the first major primary after SuperTuesday, after Republicans narrowed to one candidate, something far more insidious and destructive happened. ]]> I am witness to your political ideology - Stephen Wisconsin’s voters should support Senator Barack Obama - William R. Woodburn, Jr., Pella, Iowa Will innovation come from experience? - Julie Hensley, Big Stone Gap. VA I am glad to see that Hillary is not being highly supported - Rich Hessil Grant Langley will debate Pedro Colon - Kathy Grothe, Capitol West Neighborhood Association The Bay View Basher strikes again - David HB Drake, Milwaukee This is so Democratic Party. - Mike O'Keefe It's just amazing what is going on in this archdiocese! - Marshal Pierce, Milwaukee Chipotle's definition of "Integrity" - Moira Birss Impeachment of this President and Vice President - Kristin Krienbring, Milwaukee Prison, Rape Victim Mistreatment Telling of Problems in Wisconsi - Nicholas Katers, Franklin I am trying to do all I can to conserve energy - Kathleen Hart "Who are these guys talking to?" - Mike Mangan, C.E.M., C.D.S.M., C.S.D.P., C.P.O. ‘No More Classical Radio’ Article on Target - Don L. Leistikow New Berlin The article “No More Classical Radio” (Dec. 27) by Obie Yadgar touched a nerve. Yadgar’s thoughts and conclusions are right on target. I have been a loyal listener since WFMR was broadcast from Wauwatosa and did not carry very far. Giant strides have been made, including pumping up the wattage output. ]]> Iraq, Trickle Down Economics, Energy Costs - John P. Hayden Oconomowoc The Jan. 24 edition contained two articles (actually three, counting the cover story) of significance. First Mr. Conason hit the nail on the head describing our debacle in Iraq (“What They Call ‘Progress’ in Iraq”). ]]> Ron Paul Cares About the Environment - Heather LaBonte Provide Stable Housing for All Residents - Colleen Dublinski Clinic Director Tolerance, Please - Anonymous Votes Count - Renee Pasciak No More Classical Radio Article on Target - Don L. Leistikow, New Berlin Applause for Empowerment Village - Colleen Dublinski, Wisconsin Community Services 35th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade - Renee Pasciak, Milwaukee Keep Dollars in Milwaukee - Mikail Pashkov and C.C. Conrad -Mixa Jewelers -Shorewood Deer Hunting Blues - Neil -via Clapton Is an Inspiration - Jeff Dagenhardt - West Allis Congo Project Shows True Dedication and Determination - Mary Kay Koerner via I’m in Awe! - Tim Williamson via Thanks for the Votes - With warmest regards, Ted Perry Fox6 News Consider the Many Reasons for Mass Transit - Suzanne Osetek - Milwaukee Who Will Profit? - Steve Koszalka An Impeachment Challenge - Luke E. Sims - Shorewood Bush and Cheney Must Go - Carole Leach Can We Impeach Pelosi? - Jack Mackintosh Hamlet Deserved a Serious Review - A. Chavez - Milwaukee Support Your Local Coffeehouse - Sara M. - Milwaukee Fix MPS Spending - Tami Jonson - Milwaukee I’m Mapping Her Trip - John R. Birkholz Please Help Preserve Milwaukee - Anthony Charles Sokoly Half Truths? - Anonymous