Shepherd Express - The Brewery Series: MobCraft Wed, 20 Sep 17 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Fermentation: Putting the Finishing Touches on a Batch of MobCraft Beer Henry Schwartz, founder and CEO of MobCraft, walks through the final steps of the brewing process as we conclude our virtual brewery tour of MobCraft Beer.After fermentation, the brewers add many of t]]> Brewing Beer: Boil and Hop Additions We met up with Adam Thomas, director of barrel operations at MobCraft Beer, on a day they were brewing a batch of Bat$h!t Crazy, the brewery's flagship Coffee Brown Ale. After the mash-in process, th]]> The Scoop on MobCraft's Mashing Process There's an old saying in the brewing industry that beer is just liquid bread. In ancient Egypt, the brewery and the bakery were often in the same building. The main difference between which end produ]]> Sour Beer 101: Brewing Tart, Funky, Dry and Flavorful Brews Well-balanced blends of microorganisms and cultures create flavors unlike any other when added at the right time in the beer brewing process. We're talking, of course, about the science of brewing so]]> Crowdsourcing a Beer at MobCraft Earlier this month, we headed to the MobCraft brewery and taproom in Walker's Point (505 S 5th St, Milwaukee, WI) to talk with Josh, their production brewer; Rob, a recent crowdsourced beer winner; a]]> MobCraft Beer: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Brewery ]]>