Shepherd Express - Columns Mon, 21 Aug 17 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 The Time You Eat and Your Weight    ]]> Step Back, Mr. Clinton - Injures himself and Hillary The most likely motive for Bill Clinton’s reckless political performance in recent weeks, ironically and sadly, is to redress the terrible humiliations he inflicted on his wife in years past. But unless he quickly regains control of himself, the most likely result will be... ]]> Why Bloomberg? - A Democrat in Republican clothing As political buzzwords, “bipartisan,” “nonpartisan” and “independent” sound elevated and even virtuous, which must be why we so often hear them touted as remedies for our national ills. Every four years, the promoters of these miracle cures seek a vessel for their illusions, preferably someone whose fortune is as limitless as his ego. This year’s model seems to be Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York and billionaire owner of the national business news service. ]]> The Coming Attack on Barack - Expect more smears of Obama They will try to Swift Boat me,” said Barack Obama in the days before the New Hampshire primary, looking forward to the Democratic nomination that he still believes will be his, with a prediction both accurate and chilling. ]]> What They Call 'Progress' in Iraq - Standards drop even as casualties rise again As America marks the first anniversary of the troop escalation in Iraq, at least one thing has become clear. Although the "surge" is failing as policy, it seems to be succeeding as propaganda. ]]> That Dismal Democratic Debate - Clinton and Obama get nasty Supporters of one Democratic candidate or another may insist that their man or woman won last Monday’s debate in South Carolina, but in their hearts most viewers could only have been disappointed by its childish tenor and puerile content. ]]> ShOUT Milwaukee - LGBT Community People and Events shOUT Milwaukee - LGBT Community People and Events