Shepherd Express - Traveling Shepherd Sun, 20 Aug 17 00:00:00 -0500 en hourly 1 Magic on a Dime - Take the kids to Disney without breaking the bank Trains and Jazz Under Glass - Mitchell Park Domes Hosts Train Show The annual train show at the Domes (Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory) has become an annual pilgrimage for my extended family that lives anywhere in the Midwest. The current show, which runs through March 22nd, is called "Legoland," and is much more open and has a greater focus on the trains than last year's "Gulliver's Travels." ]]> Hunting the Ancient Sea Monster - Thrifty Travel Blog While rules around Sturgeon fishing keep getting tighter and the deadline just passed for the 2009 season, for those of you who purchased a license, or are wishing you had. There are a few new stories that are must reads for avid fishermen getting prepared for life on the ice in 2008/09. ]]> DNR report: Week of Nov. 20 to Nov. 26 - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Opening Day - Wisconsin Deer Hunt DNR report: Week of Nov. 13 to 19 - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Party for Halloween Out of Town - Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Seems like more and more Milwaukee area school districts are using the Halloween holiday as a reason to schedule "in-service" days. That means that many of you are looking at a four-day weekend the last week of October and probably wondering what you can do since most cities and towns around Milwaukee will be finished with Halloween this weekend. Why not take a break before the really cold weather gets here and head to Disney World with the kids? ]]> Beyond Fall in Door County While Door County is best known for Spring, Summer, and Fall vacations, there's more to see and do in the off-season than you might imagine. Before the bitter cold shows up and the snow blankets I-43, make sure you make it "up nort." ]]> Shoreline Classic Fishing Tournament - Thrifty Travel Blog If you like fishing tournaments, but don't like having to drive up north every single weekend, you now have an option in your own backyard. Not only that, but you have a chance to win $100 cash for each winning fish in any of six categories. ]]> Free Museum Week in Chicago - Thrifty Travel With gas prices going up and down like a yo-yo it's hard to imagine that a trip anywhere could be cheaper by driving. Get ready, because in some cases it's true. I'll be exploring driving vs. train, driving vs. plane, and any other transportation in the next few columns. Take our near neighbor to the south, Chicago. Whether you decide to brave the roads, which are often torn up with construction, or to take Amtrak, you can find lots of bargain ways to travel to and in this great city. ]]> Milwaukee to Chicago by Bike - Thrifty Travel Blog Looking to save money on travel? If you're up for some adventure and surprises, why not bike to Chicago and back again? 90 miles is the distance from downtown to downtown, but there's plenty to see in-between. This is a great ride any time of year, but especially in the fall. Below is a story written by John Greenfield of the New City Chicago publication that I'm sure you'll enjoy. ]]> Last Month for Kids Ride Free on Amtrak - Thrifty Travel Blog With the number of daily commuters between Milwaukee and Chicago increasing along with the price of gas, more and more people are choosing to ride Amtrak to beat the traffic this summer. The "Kids Ride Free" promotion allows for up to two children to ride free with each full fare paying adult until August 31st. Amtrak promises other future promotions that will have a similar ability for families to ride together at a discounted rate.]]> German Fests - Milwaukee, Cedarburg, and Germantown Seems like everybody wants to be German these days. Where else but the Milwaukee GermanFest would over 15,000 pounds of cabbage be consumed in a weekend? For 2008 the folks at German Fest are adding a lot more participatory activities and really stepping up the entertainment lineup. For a complete listvisit German Fest’s website to download a handy stage schedule. ]]> Traveling Green in Wisconsin and Beyond - Discovering the world in an intimate way Going “green” is red-hot, and we have many ways to execute the noble mission of being Earthfriendly, sustainable and environmentally smart when traveling. Reusing towels and sheets, turning down the thermostat and recycling are the easiest and most obvious options. Investing in solar or geothermal... ]]> Booking It Across Wisconsin - Independent bookstores still flourish The one-hour drive to Spooner from Amery, in northwest Wisconsin, is circuitous and captivating. The route is not difficult—Highway 63 pretty much gets you there—but the road twists from one surprise to another. ]]> You’ll Love Kohler— Even If You’re on a Budget - This upscale destination doesn't have to be expensive In a state packed from top to bottom with great vacation destinations, there are several that rank with the finest in the region, if not the entire country. Surprisingly, many Wisconsin travelers don’t make the trip to these must-visit places. Door County and the Lake Geneva area fall into that group, as does... ]]> Vote for the Best Towns in Wisconsin - You picked the finalists Winter in Wausau - Art, dining, skiing It’s been decades since that precocious little girl at the spelling bee lectured us, through a Wausau Insurance TV ad, that “it’s Wausau … W-A-U-S-A-U. Wausau, a small town in northern Wisconsin …” All right, already. What else do you have for us? ]]> Renegade Road Rally Spans from England to Gambia - Milwaukee guys have an adventure of a lifetime Here’s a great getaway idea: Buy a 20-year-old $400 Volkswagen with 98,000 miles on eBay from a guy in England, get a good friend to fly with you to pick it up and then drive it through France and Spain, ferry to Morocco and drive through Mauritania and Senegal to Gambia. Then donate the car to a charity. ]]> Romeo's Retreats - Grab your valentine Romance is all about finding a spark and fueling it. There is no universal way to do it, but there are plenty of places to ponder it as Valentine’s Day approaches. Here are some ideas. ]]> Windsledding in Lake Superior - A unique thrill on the frozen waves Back in February, we were standing on the dock of the Madeline Island Ferry Line looking out at the frozen bay that separates, and now connects, the summer tourist mecca of Bayfield with the historic Ojibwe settlement and trading post, LaPointe on Madeline Island. ]]> Name the Best Communities in Wisconsin - The voting begins now Happy New Year! Once again, it’s time to vote. In 2007 thousands of people voted in the Traveling Shepherd’s search for the “Wonders of Wisconsin” and selected winners in 21 categories. (You can find the complete list at ]]> 20 Places To Go, Things To Do in 2008 Need something to look forward to in 2008? Start planning your next trip with these suggestions. Wisconsin Destinations Point Beach State Forest: This beautiful, 6-mile, sandy and serene beach on Lake Michigan just north of Manitowoc-Two Rivers allows you to soak up the sun and listen to the waves.]]> Along the Road, 2007 - Special places and standout experiences It is a wonderful life, especially working in travel. Both of us hit the road regularly and have the privilege of visiting some of the best destinations in Wisconsin, the Americas and the world. ]]> Sampling Old World Germany in Bavaria - Beer, sausage, BMWs So this is what it’s like to go home for the first time. The patches of woods amid gentle slopes of farmland seem familiar, but the primary crop grows on vines that can extend more than 20 feet skyward. ]]> Madisonīs Mile O`Fun - A quick and quirky green getaway isn't far away Sure, it feels like traveling to another country, but you can leave the passport at home, because you can get in and out of Madison without it. “The Athens of the Midwest,” as locals would once tell you, or “64 square miles surrounded by reality,” as former Gov. Lee Sherman Dreyfus observed, is well known and certainly is a trip. Even better, you can experience a good slice of Mad City at very low cost. ]]> Stocking Stuffers with Badger Ties - Travel books by authors with Wisconsin connections It’s never the wrong time to stock up on books with Wisconsin connections, but the holiday season is the perfect time to give the gift of good reading—especially when it involves travel tips, murder mysteries, golf, coffeehouse lore or being kind to wild birds.]]> Spa Destinations in Wisconsin - Options for luxury and budget travelers If I simply want a massage, I open the phone book at home and pay about half the price of a resort massage. When traveling, what I’m seeking in a spa is a one-of-a-kind experience, not value. ]]> Cruising 101 - Answers to all of your questions about cruise vacations According to Cruise Lines International, the cruise industry has been growing at about 8% a year since 1980 and almost 10 million people enjoy a cruise each year. If you’re one of the few who has yet to dip a toe in the water, here’s a place to start. ]]> Forecast: Warm and Sunny - Jamaica and Arizona are perfect winter destinations I`m the first to show thin skin when the mercury drops, so I know that planning a warm-weather vacation can be a therapeutic way to soften the approach of winter. But I`m getting fussier. A long stretch of beach, by itself, is no longer enough to satisfy me—particularly if local character is lost to big-name hotels and chain restaurants. And booking an all-inclusive resort, no matter how posh, will seem too confining if the property is isolated. Those are my peeves, and you`ll have your own. ]]>