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Twisted Fork

2238 N. Farwell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI, 53202
Neighborhood: East Side
Price: $$ - $12-$24
The menu charts a sensible course for the neighborhood, with jumbo hamburgers countered by seafood and vegetarian pastas. It's a good menu for before or after a movie at the Oriental. Appetizers are designed for the bar and salads for the light appetite. One appetizer stands out: poutine, which riginated as a French-Canadian version of thin French fries mixed with fresh cheese curds and gravy-an ode to cholesterol. Naturally, there are numerous variations. Twisted Fork's poutine uses larger, salted fries, melted cheese, crumbled bacon, duck confit, kernels of sweet corn and a dash of chipotle sour cream for a Tex-Mex touch. It's an enormous starter course, made to share with a group.

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