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The ‘Mockingbird’ Lands First Stage and Autism Society riff on Harper Lee By John Jahn  Dutch American author Kathryn Erskine won 2010’s National Book Award for Yo,Performing Arts Weekly more

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It’s a story about art. It’s a story about communication. It’s a story about the comedy of deep, interpersonal connection. But above all it is a story. In Tandem’s production of the one-actor comedy Chesapeake is well worth seeing because i... more


    Playwright/standup comic Chastity Washington has been performing for two decades. She’s done the standard stand-up comic circuit, appeared on HBO, studied at Second City in Chicago and so on. There’s a kind of immediate connection with aud.. more


 The big break between the first and last halves of the theatre season is almost over. There’s a touring Broadway show coming through town next week, but aside from that and a bewildering number of options for New Year’s Eve, there isn’t a whole.. more


In the dozen years or so since it debuted online, My First Time.Com has collected over 50,000 first-person accounts of people losing their virginity. Since the late ‘90's, over 50,000 people have submitted stories. A few years back, playwright K.. more


As busy as things are this coming weekend with no less than three shows opening, next weekend promises to be even busier, with another three openings AND a the 5th Annual Milwaukee Comedy Fest. Aside from Soulsitce’s production of Chess, the far.. more


At times dreamy, at other moments urgent, the organ leads the way on Trisector, the 11th a Trisector ,CD Reviews more

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A love of early alt-country isn’t the only thing that the Chapel Hill quartet Roman Candle shares with Wilco; both have record-label horror stories. After Roman Candle finished recording their second album, The Wee Hours Revue, their label,... more

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American directors have stumbled in their recent efforts to make vampires scary again, but Sweden’s Tomas Alfredson made it look easy with last year’s Let the Right One In, which proves that the nocturnal undead are way more interesting whe... more

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Twenty-nine-year-old Californian singer-songwriter Brett Dennen, whose prepubescent voice matches his baby-face and childish shocks of red hair, has spent years touring as second fiddle to similarly subdued alt-contemporary performers like ... more

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