Aleister Crowley

Escape from Earth by British historian Fraser MacDonald tries to blend science with politics and arrives at uneven results, but it’s worth reading for MacDonald’s many witty observations. Read more


Award-winning investigative reporter Seth Rosenfeld examines the little known secret understanding between J. Edgar Hoover and California Gov. Ronald Reagan. Rosenfeld explains the collusion’s connection to the heavy Read more


Aleister Crowley was the product of a rigid, fundamentalist, Protestant sect, and a family that banished joy as sinful. Like many products of a too-strict upbringing, he rebelled in his teen years. For Crowley, however, the rebellion never ended... Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Milwaukee area professional baseball club has multiple openings. Great opportunity. Seven months a year, winters off. (An occasional October, perhaps every 30 years or so.) A wonderful work environment,,Sports Read more

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