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Amos Lee considers Spirit, his sixth studio album, a tribute to his late mentor. Read more

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Irealize that it’s a classic of horror cinema, but I could never get into BrianDe Palma’s 1976 film adaptation of Carrie . Maybe it’s the fact thatSissy Spacek just didn’t feel right in the role for me. Or maybe it’s the factthat I really don’.. Read more


After working as an elementary school teacher for two years, Philly musician Amos Lee quit to work on soulful blues songwriting. His 2003 EP drew interest from fellow jazz composer Norah Jones, and earned him an opening spot on her 2004 Read more

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Amos Lee channels the soul and passion of folk artists James Taylor and Neil Young, while maintaining the youthful acoustics of John Mayer. Lee first started his music career with a tour alongside Norah Jones, as he began to develop his Read more

Today in Milwaukee