Ann Sothern

Tom Hanks portrays Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in the third film adapted from the Don Brown series of novels. Inferno is slavishly faithful to its source, brimming with stunning visuals and incoherent plot lines. more

Film Clips

 With Bringing Up Baby and His Girl Friday as treasured examples,screwball comedy flourished from the early 1930s to the early ‘40s—spanning theperiod when Hollywood’s censorship code was first fully implemented throughAme.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The cultural cross-connections are fascinating in this rambling documentary. A 1960 instrumental by the British group The Shadows, later covered by The Ventures, found its way into the 1973 album by the Incredible Bongo Band, a bi-racial Am... more

Home Movies

The Times Cinema this week hosts screenings of some of the hardest Oscar-nominated works to see in theaters: the shorts. This program compiles the five animated and five live-action shorts nominated for 2010, including more

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