Anonymous Vibes


Rae Bu

Lex Allen’s debut Anonymous Vibes fell under the radar when it was first released early last year, which was a shame if not a surprise, given that it was a posh, contemporary soul album in a city where there isn’t a huge market for that kind of th.. more

On Music

You may have noticed there aren’t many prominent contemporary soul artists in Milwaukee. There’s a good reason for that: This music is hard to pull off. Nailing a modern R&B record requires a tricky combination of vocal presence, songwriting fines.. more

On Music

Only in Wisconsin would it be controversial for the state department charged with protecting wildlife to collaborate with a private organization that cares about animals.As we watch in horror as birds and reptiles get slimed with toxic gunk... more

Taking Liberties 3 Comments

The Seafarer takes its title from an ancient English poem hearkening to man’s spiritual struggle for peace and endurance. The Milwaukee Rep’s new production comes courtesy of talented Irish playwright Conor McPherson, whose early years of a... more