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From, there was a point in last night's game where the sun was especially brutal on Prince Fielder and he ran to the dugout asking for his sunglasses. Apparently they couldn't find them in the clubhouse and the Rockies fan started booing -.. Read more

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That track put Roth’s name out there, earning him a permanent place in the iTunes playlist of frat boys everywhere, right next to Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl.” The rest of Roth’s debut album, Asleep in the Bread,Today in Read more

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While critics are reserving their heaviest fire for the mostly innocuous Asher Roth, a one-man Flobot with delussional Eminem aspirations, a much more obnoxious monster is gaining traction: Cage The Elephant. Through means I don't full.. Read more

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Sorry fans of the short-lived ABC sitcom “Cavemen,” the touring production of Defending the Caveman ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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