Those who've read this blog for a while probably know the drill by now: After a predominantly black music festival, I call out the local media for exaggerating and dwelling on whatever incidents of violence occurred (usually my harshest critiques .. Read more

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Sometimes this team just makes no sense to me.... Russell Branyan was sent to the DL and Laynce Nix was called up today.Apparently The Muscle has the same injury as Braun does. Of course,we're not making a decision about Braun and the .. Read more

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  In lessthan half a year, Milwaukee’sAtlatl has transformed itself from virtual unknowns to one of the city’s,Summerfest Concert Reviews Read more

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Atlatl, a young Milwaukee group that teeters back and forth between harmonic jam-rock and ramshackle indie-rock, does a 6:15 p.m. show at the Summerfest’s only all-local stage, the Cascio Groove Garage, sponsored by the Shepherd Express. The grou... Read more

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Dax Riggs’ previous band, Deadboy & the Elephantmen, might have garnered more attention had it not been recorded during the reign of The White Stripes, a much higher-profile band that played simi,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Brooklyn folkie Langhorne Slim strips American music down to just the bare essentials: an acoustic guitar and a singer/songwriter with a little bit of fire and a whole lot of personality. A favorite of the,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Local rock upstarts Atlatl celebrate the release of their debut EP tonight with a 10 p.m. Singularity ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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In recentyears, DJ Aaron Wade’s “Late Night Hype Show,” 91.7 WMSE&rsquo At-lat-l.” ,Local Music Read more

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