The sax-addled Milwaukee avant-garde trio, Evacuate The Earth, dial up the intensity on their new, self-titled album. The group hosts a listening party for their record on Saturday, June 3, at Puddler’s Hall. Read more

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Avant garde ain’t what it used to be. Forty-five years ago it was still possible to shock and outrage a concert audience. Could that ever happen today? Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Luciano Berio’s wildy Read more

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Winners in the Services Rendered category for Best of Milwaukee 2012. Read more

Best of Milwaukee 2012

Among the most interesting dissident composers of the late Soviet era, Arvo Pärt merged elements of minimalism with the choral traditions of Eastern Orthodoxy. He has attracted interest from the Western avant-garde, as witnessed by the arti... Read more

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Nine Inch Nails unveiled yesterday a new, 36-song instrumental album with a distinctly Radiohead-ish marketing scheme. Like In Rainbows, Ghosts I – IV was recorded relatively quickly and released without advanced notice. Part of the album is avail.. Read more

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In the 1960s and 1970s, a new breed of avant-garde British film makers brought a radical n about ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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