The Bad Plus

The group describes itself as three “sonic storytellers" on a “restless search." These storytellers weave a web of enlightenment with melody and rhythm. Harmony is spare, recalling Ornette Coleman’s decree to liberate oneself from the... more

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Father Sky, featuring young Milwaukee pianist-singer-composer Anthony Deutsch, releases its self-titled album more

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Paterson wakes up everymorning, more or less at the same time, and on weekdays walks to his job as busdriver in a city whose name he shares, Paterson, New Jersey. Twins areeverywhere in this film—on the park bench he passes .. more

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Michael Grogan’s new book You Gotta Be Dirty: The OutlawsMotorcycle Club In & Around Wisconsin is an eye-opening look at an uglypart of the Cream City’s past (and present) and sheds new light on anunder-recognized aspect of Milwaukee’s cultu.. more

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The Bad Plus blended originals with jazzy covers of Cyndi Lauper and Barry Manilow during a short set at Colectivo’s very cramped Back Room. more

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Harry Potter gets the orchestral treatment while a new Milwaukee super group makes its live debut. more

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The guy who wrote Our Town also wrote a pseudo-biblical story about the end of the world. Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth is a strangely post-modern play for 1942. It’s a weird mash-up of drama and comedy that mixes fourth wall-bre.. more

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Music thrives onthe west end of town. Old New Orleans and present-day Milwaukee are two fineexamples.The lakeshoreresort area known to New Orleanians as “West End” dates back to 1835. As apopular spot to throw birthday parties, hold .. more

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Once upon a timeI played DJ in the basement of a hotel in Città di Castello, Italy. My audience was an international group ofphilosophers who convene in the scenic city for an annual three-week programcalled the Collegium Phaenomenologic.. more

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At this rare intimate club date, jazz innovators The Bad Plus relished in making the rock attitude interesting, surprising and intelligent. more

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This Week in Milwaukee features events including Cirque Du Soleil’s Varekai at the Bradley Center, Bye Bye Liver’s Alcoholiday Drinktacular 2014 at BBC, Mad Planet’s Ugly Holiday Sweater Party with Fresh Cut Collective, and The Sleighriders... more

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Minneapolis’ muscular alt-jazz trio bravely delves into Igor Stravinsky’s transformative epic, yes, boiling it down; yet Ethan Iverson brilliantly funnels Stravinsky’s glittering, dissonant orchestration through his keyboard. Bass and drums... more

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The great thing about jazz, one of America’s distinct contributions to the world’s culture, is that it’s always changing—not just year to year, but also performance to performance. At least that’s the line from some... more

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The acoustic New York jazz trio The Bad Plus earned crossover attention for their deconstructed covers of unlikely rock songs, most famously Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” but that attention has too often overshadowed their reputat more

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Idiosyncratic even by director Alex Cox’s standards, the 1987 absurdist spaghetti Western Straight to Hell was scripted and filmed quickly—when a planned Nicaraguan concert tour with Joe Strummer, Elvis Costello and The Pogues was scrapped,... more

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Whether it's The Bad Plus’ album's worth of prog rock covers, snark-scented tribute to “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or straight-faced take on ABBA, it’s always been a bit hard to take the trio completely seriously as a jazz group. At more

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Swiss immigration to Wisconsin is usually associated with New Glarus and other rural areas, but according to genealogist Marilyn Wellauer-Lenius, the first Swiss citizen arrived in Milwaukee as early as 1837. Her book, the latest Milwaukee ... more

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What began as a Walker’s Point street festival circa 1977 is now an expansive, three-day taste of Mexican culture. The fiesta will feature regional cuisine from a variety of local sources, with vendors and exhibits involving music... more

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Jazz in the Park kicks off its 20th anniversary season at Cathedral Square on Thursday, June 3, with one of the concert series’ more exciting headliners, the New York City avant-garde piano trio The Bad Plus.The Bad Plus thrashed its way in... more

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