As the Democrats convene in Denver to celebrate Hillary Clinton and nominate Barack Obama, 2008 Creators Syndicate Inc. ,News Features more

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I swear upon swearing that academics are very smart people, and it’s incredibly inappropriate for me to take childish delight at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism Dean Nicholas Lemann accidentally sending his class a self evaluation rather th.. more

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Dear friends at the Shepherd Express, It is with great displeasure that I write this Holy Ghosts ,Letters more

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Bill Dixon toldme that "politics ain't bean bags" and he was correct, but evenpolitics has some rules. The Clintons have always operated as if therules don't apply to them--especially when running behind. Lookat Florida and Michi.. more

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Some 20,000 people met at the Kohl Center to experience the Obamamagic. Our Superdelegate Senators were not there; and no members of theHouse delegation. Why not? Even without endorsing him, they could havebeen there to welcome Barack. (Too cle.. more

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Last night 250 supporters of Barack Obama came to the progressive party at Madison's Majestic Theatre. They gave more than $6,000; heard and danced to great music from VO5, and, had fun! Peg Lautenslager started the program and she warmed up the.. more

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Barack won 'em all--Washington, Louisiana, Nebraska, Kansas,Maine. Hillary can't slow down the momentum. If she loses Virginia andWisconsin it's over. She should take comfort. No one could have defeated Barack Obama in this year. .. more

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This is so Democratic Party.  They couldn'tgive the ignorant, dim-witted electorate, electorate, ,Letters more

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They will try to Swift Boat me,”said Barack Obama in the days before the New Hampsh ' 2008 Creators Syndicate Inc. more


JUNO • Ellen Page • Michael Cera • Jennifer Garner Directed by Ghost World ,Film more

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THE ORPHANAGE • Belen Rueda • Fernando Cayo • Geraldine Chaplin Directed by Labyrinth) ,Film more

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Providing a survey of any art movement prompts the question “Where to begin?” Take kinetic and optical art: In tracing its search for a more immersive art experience using color, motion, sound and light, one might begin with ,A&E Feature more

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Sensual Daydreams, the longest-running Rocky Horror Picture Showtroupe in the world, cele Red Pepper ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Barack Obama Website: Barack Obama Blog: Barack's Blog Videos: chiquangue ,Elections more

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Disclaimer: Despite the branding, this list doesn’t represent the best albums of the year as much as it does my favorite albums of the yearthat’s a big difference. These lists are always a work in progress: Obviously, I can’t listen to every album.. more

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