Barb Heimsch

At its core, there really isn't anything going on in classic opera that isn't also going on with the classic American musical. So why is it that we Americans think of opera as being something strange, exotic and decadent? (Okay . . . I'm generaliz.. Read more


Blake Shelton, a regular fixture on the charts, is adept at both. Shelton offsets his sensitive cowboy persona with a regular-guy sense of humor, charting with bleeding-heart ballads like “Home” as well as rowdy party songs like “The Mor Read more

Today in Milwaukee

…and if you didn’t get enough of a world-music fix today at Global Union, head over to Club Garibaldi at 10 p.m. to see De La Buena. Purveying the catchiest kind of contemporary Latin jazz, De ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Bay View Bash isn’t the only major free music event going on in Bay View today. Alverno College’s annual Global Union world music festival will be taking place just a couple blocks down in t,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee