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What a fantastic year. In 2010, indie-rock regained its fight, rappers indulged their ambitions, R&B singers fired on all cylinders and songwriters of all genres let it all hang out. Below are my 10 favorites of the year, followed by 10 excellent .. more

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Kanye West premiered his 35-minute music video for "Runaway" this weekend, and it's a wonderfully indulgent, Fellini-esque homage to art films and fairy tales featuring a busty phoenix, some bad acting from Kanye, interpretive dance, allusions to .. more

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It must be tough to be Lambs of Abortion, a paranoid Milwaukee band convinced that everyone’s out to get them. Republicans, Fox News, oil executives and Evangelical leaders are at the heart of the worldwide conspiracy that Lambs of Abortion... more

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Charles Busch's cult comic-drama Die, Mommie, Die! is a tribute to the aging film divas of the 1960s, with humor that comes from its sheer campy style. The play will be the final Spiral Theatre production in Milwaukee before the company mov... more

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